+ Coombe

Back to school. Or back to three schools, to be precise. Having worked with them before, we were commissioned to rebrand the renowned Coombe Federation, consisting of girls' and boys' schools and a sixth form.

To capture the essence of this successful institution we developed the 'Coombe Learner', a strategic encapsulation of their expectations and spirit. Combining eclectic typography with bold messaging, we brought it to life in signage around the schools, helping guide and inspire new generations of learners.

For the prospectuses we wanted natural 'fly-on-the-wall' photography, and searched hundreds of graduates to find two snappers with the right style. Not much older than some of the sixth formers, they blended in perfectly and we were rewarded with beautifully candid shots that form the basis of the new prospectuses. Alongside them we used stripped-back modern typography, bold colours, and gallery pages showcasing student-generated artwork.

The rebrand has moved Coombe into a modern and dynamic visual space, while still capturing the warmth and vibrancy that characterizes all three schools. The team at Coombe was delighted with our rebrand, and cite our work as an important factor in helping boost their intake and attract the best students. Top marks all round.

Sixth form prospectus photos: Jacopo Maino

Studio Savidge Coombe Sixth Form P1