+ Louise Miller

'Something pink and with circles'. That was the essence of the brief we received from independent jewellery maker Louise Miller. The reasons? Circles figure prominently in her work, and pink – well, pink's just a great colour. With this in mind we set about creating her brand identity. Detecting a strong art deco influence in Louise's work, we chose a typeface that references that distinctive aesthetic.

For the logo, we continued the feel of the typeface by using the L and M of her name, delicately combining them, and encapsulating them within a circle. The result is a nicely balanced logo that's perfectly matched to her work, and takes the art deco feel into a more modern direction. Even better, it functions beautifully as a repeat, and looks great with pink.

Once we'd nailed the identity, we moved onto various different applications, designing and building her new website, art directing the photoshoot and making sure we made good use of circles throughout. The result? A very happy client.

Model photos: Matt Hass
Website: louisemiller.co.uk