+ Michael Birch

Michael Birch is an artist and fashion designer who creates super eclectic silk scarves, which sell at upmarket retailers such as Liberty and Saks Fifth Avenue. He commissioned us to develop a distinctive logo and pattern to brand his company.

Always on the lookout for a solution within the challenge, here we found it in his name – 'birch'. Taking inspiration from the distinctive pattern of birch bark, we then abstracted it into a bold and modernist repeat graphic. Michael's scarves are often intensely colourful, so we settled on a monochrome approach that would set off his designs perfectly, but without competing visually with them. Our choice of logotype builds on the pattern's aesthetic, closely referencing its weight and spacing – for instance, in the distinctively truncated 'i'.

Then it was time for rollout. Michael's work needs to stand out at fashion fairs and shows, and we applied the branding across a series of super stylish bags and tags. Finally, we designed and built his website, creating a bold and beautiful setting for these unique scarves.