+ Musica Beata

Music is a major passion at Studio Savidge, and we're aficionados of label branding and album cover art. When fledgling classical choir Musica Beata launched their first collection 'Songs of Springtime', we were commissioned to develop their identity and design the album cover.

For the logotype we found a delicate typeface with a musical feel, featuring fine ligatures recalling musical notation. We then developed several simple design elements, including the distinctive yellow band that provides a recognizable and eye-catching reference element on the CD spine.

For the album cover we digitally manipulated a famous image from the history of art (Van Gogh's 'Banks of the Seine with Pont de Clichy in the Spring', if you're wondering). Punking it up and taking it to the edge of abstraction, we ramped up the colour levels to create a beautiful image that recalls the joy of springtime. The result is a carefully considered balance of tradition and modernism, and one that perfectly matches the nature of the music.