+ Next Level

Once in a while we like getting our hands on a nice piece of editorial design. Published since the early 2000s, Next Level is an occasional magazine that focuses on a different city for each issue, revealing the valuable traditions and freshest cultural currents in that location's art, photography and ideas. The Next Level editor works closely with a different designer for each edition, and we've been commissioned to work on three issues so far.

Thanks to their innovative approach, each issue has a distinctive feel, influenced both by the guest designer's unique skills and the specific cultural feel and aesthetic of the city in question. So every design decision is loaded with relevance, from the choice of typeface to the colours and graphic style.

Working closely with the Next Level team, we immersed ourselves in each city and developed everything from the bigger visual theme to the tiniest details of image selection, layout and typography – ensuring that each edition is a labour of love as well as an expression of place.