+ R Supply Co.

R Supply Co designs and manufactures clothing to sell to other fashion retailers. Their modern garments feature intricate detailing with traditional handcrafted techniques carried out in an ethical factory in India that's managed by three generations of women.

There's a nice straightforward idea behind their name – it's a partnership between three women whose names all begin with 'R'. Sometimes the simplest concepts are the most effective, and we embraced this simplicity when designing their identity, choosing a combination of bold colour and classic typography.

First, that neon pink. It's eye-catching and very Indian, appearing on silks and garments all over the subcontinent. It provides the instant recognition that's especially important within the rag trade, enabling their garments to successfully catch the eye amid the teeming racks of clothing. We balanced this radical colour with classic typography and a logo that plays on the traditional 'registered' symbol. By basing our aesthetic choices on sound practical principles, we created a carefully considered and beautifully useful solution.