+ The Health Foundation

It's a pleasure to work with a robust set of brand guidelines, and we enjoy using them as a springboard to deeper thinking about a brand. We've worked closely with The Health Foundation for several years, becoming a trusted brand consultant and taking their brand into new areas that often go beyond the scope of what their existing guidelines can cover.

With a strong brand identity that's thoroughly embedded in their business and a rigorous and extremely design-literate marketing team, THF is an organisation that really understands the power of design. Over the years we've worked with them to bring their brand to life on large-scale exhibition stands, smaller branded elements, and everything in between.

There's a real skill in interpreting guidelines, and maintaining both the broader spirit and the little details. For brands there's great value to be gained in developing long-term relationships with a roster of trusted suppliers who are happy to engage with the principles behind a brand, and extend its reach beyond the guidelines.