+ Three Choirs Festival

On the eve of its 300th anniversary this world-class annual choral festival decided to rebrand, and asked us to create an identity that would retain its unique heritage yet fully embrace the future. The festival is held across the three cathedral cities of Gloucester, Hereford and Worcester, and our solution needed to help unify them under one powerful master brand, while still giving each festival a distinct presence of its own.

We closely studied heraldic design and created a crest loaded with symbolism. Housed in a cathedral arch shape, the chevrons nod to traditional motifs, but also work as choir heads with open song books, colour-coded for each cathedral. The choir head graphic also works highly effectively alone, a simple and bold logo providing instant recognition.

Once we'd honed the identity and achieved unanimity from the many stakeholders, we applied the identity to everything from print and publications to wayfinding and uniforms. This was a huge project for us, and it was a hugely successful one too – since the rebrand, ticket sales have surged, and the festival is flourishing. Good for another 300 years, we think.

Cathedral photo: Ash Mills