+ Three Choirs Foundation

The Three Choirs Foundation is an organisation that exists to raise funds to secure the long-term future of the Three Choirs Festival. On the back of our successful rebrand of the Festival, we were asked to do a similar job for the Foundation.

While they needed a distinct and ownable solution, it was also important to maintain a close connection with the Festival, so we took care to use a similar visual language, as well as cleverly adapting some graphic elements. For the crest we simply inverted the TCF cathedral arch. And in the best traditions of heraldic design, every element of the crest has a symbolic meaning, from the musical notes and date of the first Festival, to the choir heads, three cathedrals, and F for 'foundation'.

Once we'd created the main branding, we extended and adapted it across different roles and materials, reusing and adapting graphic elements to make them relevant. The result is a successful and versatile family of brands, in which each one remains unique and recognizable.